Krav Maga Schools in Bristol

British Krav Maga offers regular classes and personal training at Krav Maga Schools across Bristol. We have Krav Maga classes in the East, center and west of the city. cropped-bkma-logo-1.png

British Krav Maga Schools can be found in Clifton, Patchway, Kingswood and The Pithay – central Bristol. British Krav Maga Instructors have passed some of the most rigouous Krav Maga training outside of the Israeli Defence forces with 200+ hrs continous training and assessment required to pass basic training.

We have Krav Maga classes at the following locations in Bristol.


Krav Maga Classes in Bristol


Bristol Titans – based in Kingswood since 2010, one of Bristols largest schools, Senior Instructor Jima Halton

Krav Maga Bristol City Centre – based in the Pithay, offers qualitymark coaching with Senior Instructor Cheuk Lai

Krav Maga North Bristol – based in Patchway, run by professional instructor Will Bayley

Krav Maga Bristol – Bristol’s senior Krav Maga school, based in Clifton since 2005, rin by UK Head Coach Paul Grey

 Krav Maga Class Finder

Krav Maga Classes at locations across the UK can be found by using the Krav Maga Class Finder. You can also find more information on Facebook.