Your First Krav Maga Lesson

What to expect

Your first Krav Maga lesson is free. 90 minutes of new experience on us. When you arrive at [bkma_school_name], your instructor will meet you before the lesson. We’ll introduce ourselves and have a chat about safety, your training goals, and any injuries or concerns you may have. You don’t need any previous experience, we all had to start somewhere. BKMA classes are renowned for warm welcomes, community spirit and a positive, rewarding training environment. You’ll fit right in, get fit and enjoy yourself, while learning some real self protection skills. It’s something you need to see for yourself – there’s nothing quite like it.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • How do I start?
      Complete the ‘start today’ form on your right, or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you. We are happy to chat or answer any questions you may have.
    • Am I too old?
      Krav Maga is for everyone. Unless you have a serious health issue, there is no reason you can’t train into your sixties or seventies. Ease off on the intensity, take a break as you need it – the fitness will come.
    • Do I need to be fit to start Krav Maga?
      No. Krav Maga is a great route to fitness for anyone. Krav is more fun than gyms or fitness classes and the group ethos makes it far easier to get and stay motivated. You’ll notice a difference in as little as 3 weeks. In 12 weeks you will wish you had started years ago.
    • Will I get hurt?
      No. We are professional instructors, safety is always the priority. Statistically, Krav Maga is safer than football, rugby or hockey. Whilst any training carries a level of risk, the likelihood of serious injury is low.
    • How long before I can defend myself?
      This depends on the threat. For the average person training twice a week, we would expect effective skills to deal with common situations after 8-10 weeks.
    • How often should I attend?
      We recommend a minimum of once a week. Most students attend twice a week. But the choice is yours.
    • Are there belts and gradings?
      Krav Maga does not use the Japanese belt system. We have levels, Practitioner levels for students, and Graduate levels for instructors. Students can grade in their club but this is regulated by the British Krav Maga Association to ensure quality standards. Some gradings are conducted in house, others by an external examiner sent by the Association.
    • Do I need to sign a contract?
      We don’t do 6 or 12 month contracts. We require a commitment of 3 months to training. If a student can’t commit to 3 months there is little point in us starting the coaching process. But remember, your first session is free and is a great opportunity to try Krav out before you make a decision.