'The UK's longest running Krav Maga Bootcamp '
'A fantastic experience led by an inspirational coach. A heady mix of self defence, adrenalised training and personal development. Without doubt the best event I've attended in ages.'
Rich Rogers - Bootcamp Graduate

Bootcamp - Trial by Fire

Bootcamp themes are anchored in the principle that with the right support, our best selves arise from every challenge. Each Bootcamp is designed to present a diverse range of challenges to be overcome.

Virtually every aspect of your being, your mind, body and spirit are trained and tested through over 30 hours of intense physical and mental training. By pushing you beyond your perceived limits, your concept of who you are and what’s possible will be revolutionized. - Professional Coaching in Real Krav Maga.

Don't let where you are today get in the way of what you could be tomorrow.

Personal development - a judicious mix of self awarness, hardwork and an irrevant look at your own behaviour

Krav Maga is different. Its techniques have evolved through over 70 years of active service. Used by law enforcement agencies and military units around the world, Krav Maga is simple, proven, and fast to learn. For fitness, conditioning and effective self protection, it is without equal.

British Krav Maga classes are gritty and challenging, there’s no room for ‘attitude’. No belts. No bull. No rank and file. Just a chance to learn something about yourself through the challenge of Krav Maga.

Intensity forges better people. Train with us and discover your mettle.

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