Krav Maga Challenge

krav-maga-challenge-2015 The Krav Maga Challenge

In January 2015, Krav Maga Bristol launched the Krav Maga Challenge a 16-week programme of self-defence and military style fitness and conditioning.  The Krav Maga challenge became an immediate success and has been run three times a year in Clifton since.


What is the Krav Maga Challenge?

personal training in krav maga - weston super mare krav magaThe Krav Maga Challenge is a gruelling 16-week programme of intense physical and mental training culminating in challenge day a 4 hr test of physical and mental endurance where practitioners will be challenged over all the skills acquired over the preceding weeks.

You’ll with train fellow recruits for 2 hours, twice a week working with a skilled coach in preparation for you challenge day. In addition, you’ll  get a subsidiary training programme to compliment your coached sessions and nutrition guide built around the very same programmes used by professional athletes and fighters to optimise physical performance.


Developing the total combat athlete

Over your 16 week intensive programme you’ll train through speed, agility and quickness drills, adrenalised self-defence training, mobility training, fighter conditioning sessions, stand up clinching and ground fighting drills, weapons defences and disarms as well as a level of close quarter combat training rarely experienced by civilians. There is nothing comparable to the Krav Maga challenge programme. Think Jason Bourne, James Bond and Crossfit all rolled into one and then some…

British-Krav-Maga_challenge-2015Tougher, stronger, faster

Train like a professional fighter in preparation for an undisclosed combat fitness test on your Challenge Day event. On passing out you’d have covered cover 32 combat conditioning sessions based around conditioning used by the world’s elite including professional fighters and Olympians. No two training sessions are the same, and the results are outstanding.


Confidence, competence and performance

Why sign up for another barely used gym membership  when you can participate in a high level coaching programme delivering elite level fitness, proven close quarter combat skills and an unprecedented mental toughness training  programme.

Challenge day

britishkravmaga_Nov15_240_webOn challenge day you’ll meet a team of coaches for what will one of the toughest, most demanding days of your life.  Over Challenge day you’ll complete an undisclosed series of warrior challenges culminating in a range of pressurised scenarios including multiple attackers, 3rd party protection task and

Krav Maga Challenge – Can you handle it?